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Bridal Registry

Bride: Meg Keegan

Groom: Seth Broughton

Wedding Date: November 1, 2019

Shower Date: November 16, 2019

Colors: White and Grey

If you're interested in purchasing any of the below items for the bride and groom you may do so in person at The Cook's Shop or just give us a call and we can handle your request over the phone. We would be happy to wrap and localy deliver your gift. Should we have to ship an item we will do so and only bill you exact shipping from USPS. Please note: items in red have been purchased at this point in time.


      Item Description (quantity), #SKU, Cost Each




        NordicWare ½ Sheet Cookie w/lid, (1), #3216, $21.99

        NordicWare Large Aluminum Cookie Sheet, (2), #4366, $13.50 each



        Microplane Elite Box Grater, (1), #13815, $39.95

        Progressive Prep Solutions Lettuce Keeper, (1) #3089, $15.95

        Wusthof 4 Stage Sharpener, (1), #6436, $29.99



        Z-Wraps, Assorted, (Any)

        Charles Viancin Lilly Pad Lid, Assorted, (Any) (1)

        Full Circle Re-useable Sandwich Bags, Cactus, (3), #21972, $7.99 each

        Tovolo Cookie Baking Sheet, (2), #10246, $9.99 each

        Cookina Baking Sheet, (1), #21647, $15.99

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