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We'll Keep Your Cutlery Razor Sharp!

Nothing is worse than a dull knife in the kitchen. We can fix that! Your steel knives will be carefully ground on a professional three stage grinder or water wheel (no danger of losing temper due to overheating) and honed on a leather strop. Unless a specific angle is requested all western style knives will be sharpened to ~20°. Wusthof, Shun, Zwilling and other knives that are now factory ground to 15° will be sharpened to that angle. Traditional Asian style knives can be hand sharpened and must be priced on inspection.

Standard turnaround time is 48 hours. If you'd like to drop off and pick up your knives the same day call ahead to make sure the sharpener is in the shop and has time to accommodate you. Prices are at the discretion of the sharpener and are determined at the time of sharpening.


Basic sharpening, up to an 8” blade - $3.50, above 8” - add $0.50 per inch

Tip repair (if chip is smaller than 1/8”) - $2.50

Edge repair, minor - $2.00

Edge repair, major - priced on inspection

Hand sharpened on waterstones, priced on inspection

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