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Screenshot_2020-04-14 The Cook's

With our recent mandatory shutdown due to Covid-19 one of the only choices we had to stay operational was to get an eCommerce website up as quickly as possible. The buying group that we're a part of had developed what can best be described as a co-op website for members. We jumped in as quickly as we could and will be working in the near future to add as many items as we can, particularly some of our Marietta exclusives!

Because this site is a co-op it can get confusing. In a nutshell, the menu on the left hand side of the landing page is The Cook's Shop, the menu across the top of the page includes all participating stores. While we would prefer you shop with us, the other stores on the site are all independent retailers and they would love your business! We offer free shipping with a $75 purchase and would also be happy to deliver locally or arrange curbside pick-up for free. Just give us a call at 740538-6003 to set it up.

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